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Indigo Global School

Dr Manjeet Jain, a renowned educationist, has always had the zeal to chisel students into the best shapes. To help students make the most out of the best phase of their life, he initiated this endeavour- Indigo Global School to prepare the students of the 21st century to become global leaders. To lay the grounds of skills and intellect in the students’ minds, he set out to turn his goals into reality.

Dr Manjeet Jain

Founder Chairman – Indigo Global School

Management Team

Mr Manish Agarwal

Director – Indigo Global School

Expert at the management of School Operations, Budgeting & Finance

Dr S Bercmans David

Director – Indigo Global School

Expert in School Academics, School Set-up & CBSE Certified Trainer of Principals & Teachers

Dr Dakshayini Kanna

Academic Director – Indigo Global School

Master Trainer for CBSE, Certified Counsellor for CBSE Counselling Helpline, J& K Department of Education and MHRD

The Goal and Idea

The Goal and Idea and ideas are clear – To support the education leaders, to upgrade and standardise the academics, Co Academics, Sports, Discipline, Values, Skills Activities, Music, and most importantly, branding, and marketing of the school to promote the mission and vision of the school, to increase the revenues for the schools.

In short, the goal is to support the school in every aspect and the idea is to promote the vision of the school leaders.


The Focus and Philosophy

INDIGO GLOBAL SCHOOL is set to bring a revolution in the field of education.

INDIGO GLOBAL SCHOOL is a team of specific experts in sports it has joined hands with CricKingdom by Rohit Sharma, for music Suresh Wadkar’s Ajivasan Music Academy, dance Shaimak Davar’s Shaimak Dance Academy, for skills Education India and marketing and branding of the schools Blue Apple – A UK and Dubai Based marketing company and above all to promote values and culture INDIGO GLOBAL SCHOOL has associated with Japanese Educator Chiho Nakagawa of the Junior and Senior High School of Kogakuin University, Japan Simply, the school with a franchisee of INDIGO GLOBAL SCHOOL will get support from a team of experts for every issue they face in the school, and the management will get support to increase revenue or to make the school a brand. 

The Indigo Global School has an association with:

Advisory Board

Chiho Nakagawa

Advisory Member

Leading Japanese Education Expert from Junior & Senior High school of Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan

C A Bharat Mago

Advisory Member

Chartered Accountant, Bank Concurrent Auditor from ICAI

Lt Col Jitender Kumar (Veteran)

Advisory Member

Indian Army Veteran, Administration & Operations Expert

Nandini Nagraj

Advisory Member

An academician with experience in building holistic development programmes

Nikhil Arya


Applied Psychology & Skill Development Specialist

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The only school franchise with exclusively designed curriculum in Japan and Finland, coupled with a robust support mechanism.